About Pets in Need


Pets In Need is a non-profit organization located in Upper Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to find new homes for discarded pets. We are dedicated to taking in animals and keeping them healthy and happy until they find their forever homes.

Here at Pets In Need, we take great pride in the health of our animals. All of our cats and dogs older than 6 months are spayed/neutered and all of our animals are up-to-date on shots. In addition, all of our cats are tested for leukemia and feline AIDS.

We Would Love Your Help!

Pets In Need is always looking for volunteers to help with cleaning and fundraising. You can love up these wonderful pets, too!

We are also in need of veterinarians who will do low-cost spaying, neutering and shots.

Money is needed to keep the shelter going. Donations are strictly used for the health and well being of the pets, their food and the upkeep of the shelter. There is NO paid help.

Fund Raisers
Sales of Mr. Pastie (past-ee) Hand-made Meal Pie Turnovers are held once a month or every two months. People are needed to help sell the meat and vegetable turnovers. Also, we need people to chair and oversee this fund raiser. All profits go to Pets in Need. The pastry product we sell is a pastry case, filled with either beef, chicken, sausage, vegetables, or cheese & spinach.

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