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I have adopted 7 cats from Pets in Need since 2007. In October of that year, our beloved red tabby passed away, leaving our tuxedo cat in need of a friend. A month later, I spotted a caramel tabby and his sister, a calico-tortoise shell mix in a Pets In Need ad in the newspaper’s Pet ISO.

Both kittens were found wandering in the countryside with their mother, a beautiful calico. We adopted both kittens and named them Garth and Cass. They fit right in and were loving kittens. However, their mother was always on my mind. The following spring, I adopted her as well, naming her Zora. She has become close to our tuxedo cat and often plays with her now-grown kittens.

By the end of the year, I became a weekly volunteer at Pets In Need. Often, my daughters joined me in cleaning the cages and brushing the cats. In 2009, my daughter adopted one of them - a wonderful, friendly tabby named Felix. Right away, he made himself at home in her house, even making friends with the puppy belonging to one of her roommates!

In 2015, I adopted 3 cats from Pets in Need: 2 brothers, gray tabby Maine Coon Cat mixes, and a black female cat with beautiful green eyes.


Janet L.
Allentown, PA

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